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DRTV Campaign Management &
Boot Camp

April 23 – 24, 2018

Hilton Bayfront Hotel
San Diego, CA


Direct Response Television
Advertising and Ecommerce Integration Boot-Camp.

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April 23rd :
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

April 24th :
9:00 am –1:00 pm

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DRTV Management Boot Camp
Make an immediate difference on your infomercial marketing campaign. The Academy's DRTV Management Boot Camp is the gold standard in infomercial marketing training. This is a comprehensive program covering every campaign element - from product feasibility and offer configuration, to creative and production, finance, media, telemarketing, fulfillment, web integration, and retail sell-through. This course is designed for anyone responsible for bottom-line results in a DRTV campaign - whether you are a marketer, vendor, manufacturer or entrepreneur. 

DRTV Mgmt Boot Camp:
DRTV-Web Integration

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“This course had the highest percentage of actual useful technical information (vs. anecdotal baloney) of any seminar I've ever attended. Bravo, Greg!"

Jay Sedrish, CFO
Stouffer Direct
Advanced DRTV Media
The Direct Response Academy’s Advanced DRTV Media is the only course of its kind. For the first time in the history of the direct response industry, marketers can learn the best practices of managing short form and infomercial media. This area takes the most of your DRTV budget - and the most skill to manage. You will be prepared to successfully oversee a media campaign and collaborate with media agencies of all sizes.

Advanced DRTV Media & Logistics
This special feature program combines the Academy's one of a kind Advanced DRTV Media training with Advanced Logistics, an in-depth study of the behind-the-scenes infrastructure that is crucial to both your campaign's success and profitability. Advanced Logistics hones in on the sales process, telemarketing, fulfillment, customer service and financial elements of direct response marketing.

DRTV Marketing to US Hispanics
Another special feature program, you will study the nuances of marketing to the Hispanic consumer. Learn the tactical differences in approach and issues specific to this market (including vendors, dealing with COD, and the truth about credit cards in marketing to Hispanics). The Hispanic DRTV Marketing curriculum is featured in special offerings of the Academy’s cornerstone program, DRTV Management Boot Camp.

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