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Get all the moving parts to work together for your campaign.


Direct Response Campaign Management requires proven expertiseThe rewards that direct response marketing offers, and the short time it takes to achieve mass brand awareness, inspire many companies to ask their ad agency for a Direct Response marketing plan.

Unfortunately, many agencies are not equipped for this request. The direct-to-consumer approach demands a different skill set and infrastructure to succeed.

Also, you'll often find vendors like media buyers or fulfillment people branching into campaign management consulting. But their expertise is really only in their specific service area.

If you’re a marketer with a new project, you should look for a campaign manager who has marketing experience - not just vendor experience.

A Direct Response Campaign Needs Proven Expertise

The Direct Response Academy offers turnkey management solutions that bring total know-how to your team. Whether you are considering Direct Response for a new project launch or are in the middle of a campaign, you will gain access to DR expertise that will impact your results immediately.

Our experience in Direct Response comes from having managed literally thousands of campaigns in just about every product category over the past 20 years. We also bring a vendor's perspective from both the media buying and fulfillment sides.

This unique combination helps us understand how to manage campaigns with profit and vendor accountability in mind. Our clients get a team with a broad level of expertise and a wide-angle perspective.

Direct Response advertising is unique. It takes many campaigns to build real skill - and no two campaigns are ever alike! Even products that are in the same product category will be treated differently based on the time of year, the kind of offer made to the consumer, etc.

Whether your model is a fitness product with a weight loss component; a dietary supplement with a continuity program; or a housewares product using DR to drive retail sales, the Academy has the experience you can rely on to build your brand, maximize your ROI and efficiently manage the direct-to-consumer process.

The Academy Empowers Your Organization for DRTV Success

The Academy offers its clients objective insight, ensuring that the service providers and strategies chosen are truly the best for your individual campaign - and are managed well throughout.

Not only can we manage every component of your direct response initiatives, we will teach your team our process and how to continue managing the process, thereby transferring DR knowledge in-house.

The Academy's Campaign Management Services - A la Carte

To help you effectively manage the specific campaign components you need, we will work with you to improve any existing campaign service area:

Media – The Academy has years of experience helping companies bring media in-house, and expertise in choosing and managing the right media buying group for your campaign.

Production – Infomercial production is a collaborative process between the marketer and producer.  We choose the best producer for your project, and optimize collaboration between producer and client.  We manage the production team and production process, representing our client’s interests throughout.

Sales & Marketing – In this core area, we build a customer focus into your project, developing the messaging necessary to create customer interest and build sales.  We ensure the branding and demographic profiles are integrated and consistent, and regularly evaluate the transactional process.

Finance – We employ innovative DRTV tactics that respond to DRTV's ever-changing weekly results, build cash flow projections, cash flow analysis, project forecasting, and profitability analysis.

Back-End – Building and implementing the right plan for retail “follow-through” can make the difference between maximizing your ROI and leaving profitable opportunities on the table. The DRA evaluates the best opportunities, utilizes key alliances and contacts to implement the plan; evaluates the impact on ROI; and integrates your back-end and DRTV campaign strategies.

Infrastructure – The DRA works closely with clients to integrate all service providers, set up reporting structure for each service provider, build analytical tools to manage day to day operations; and integrate the financial model with service provider data.

The Academy's Total Campaign Management Package

Let the Direct Response Academy set up your new project with the strongest foundation possible and manage the Direct Response process from start to finish.

You receive Total Project Management, a complete turn-key solution for companies that need a Direct Response marketing plan, line item management and infrastructure development.

Total Project Management includes:

  • Complete 360-degree oversight of your project

  • A DRTV marketing plan that details the most effective campaign for your project, as well as back-end sales (including retail, line extensions, international, home shopping, etc.)

  • The tactics and resources necessary to implement the plan

The first step is the creation of the Direct Response marketing plan. We consider every component of a campaign before the service providers are chosen, including

  • The product offer
  • The creative approach and right production format
  • The right sales process
  • Media management
  • Branding for long-term success
  • And, finally, which service providers are best for this campaign

Then according to your needs, expertise and human resources, the Direct Response Academy works closely with you to implement the plan.

For more information on the Direct Response Academy's Campaign Management Services, call us at (512) 301-5900 or email

"Body by Jake made the transition this year to a fully self-contained direct marketing company. The Direct Response Academy played a key role in preparing our staff and arranging some of the relationships that have made our operation a success."

Phil Scotti
President, Body By Jake

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